Creative Arts Class

Little Newton Education Group

Little Newton Education Group different types of interest classes are held regularly, and Little Newton students and students from our school are welcome to apply。


For more details, please call US at 3111 8778 or whatsapp(6205 3436).


You are all welcome to join!


tudents (Little Newton students and students from other schools)

Arts and Creativity Physical Fitness and Health
1.     English Drama

Enhance children in English speaking and build their confidence via role-play, drama and various creative activities.


2.     Jazz Dance

·       Train the kids’ body coordination, so that they can discover themselves in dance, increase self-confidence and readiness to perform.

·       Learn simple dance steps and techniques. Students will also be selected for different city-wide dance competitions and performance.


3.     Ukulele

Teaches children basic Ukulele playing skills. It mainly focuses on song performance of Ukulele, hoping to train children to apply their skills to self-singing and partner accompaniment.

1.     Balance bike

In addition to learn cycling techniques, children also enhance their sense of balance and stimulate sensory development, which will help children’s future development in all aspects.



2.     Karate

·      Karate training includes etiquette and discipline. Develop determination, team spirit, communication skills.

·       To strengthen your mind and body through increased physical coordination

·       To enhance self-esteem by heightening your physical and mental powers